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About the Wedding Industry SOLUTION

LaLa Projects has created a solution for Wedding Industry professionals to elevate their website with local data. We have built and now manage many wedding venue and vendor websites throughout the Northern Michigan community. Over time we started to see a pattern in the type of information that our clients are interested in displaying on their websites. Rather than building the same thing over and over again, we decided to build a database of local businesses called The database is backed by a set of WordPress Plugins.


Make your life easier with our plugins

WordPress Wedding Vendor Plugin

Add a preferred vendor list to your website with the Wedding Vendors WordPress Plugin. It is an extension for LaLa WordPress Themes. The plugin integrates with our vendor database managed on Setting up your preferred vendor list is a breeze. Easily add a listing to your preferred vendor list and website with the tick of a checkbox.

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WordPress Wedding Portfolio Plugin

Show off your work in the wedding industry with the LaLa Wedding Portfolio Plugin. Highlight a couple’s story, display photos of the big day, share testimonials, talk about your role in the event, and display the vendors used.

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Our Value

Save Money

This solution brings down the price of custom website builds, saves the website owners time/money, and creates a community of local businesses working together to produce something larger than themselves.

We are all connected

For example, a wedding vendor can now update their listing in one place and it will automatically update the content on all the wedding venues websites that use our WordPress Plugins.

Amplify Cross Promotional Opportunities

Businesses listed on the LaLa Insights Directory will get exposure to other businesses looking to collaborate and connect. We bake digital marketing and cross-promotional opportunities into all of our products.


From an SEO perspective, you are creating backlinks to your website. This will help improve your organic rankings, speed up search engine indexing, and give your website and business referral traffic.


All the listings are Search Engine Optimized for websites using the plugins. This will help people find your website and the listings you feature.

Add what you need

If you are using one of our WordPress Plugins, then your organization can become a contributor to LaLa Insights. Add listings that are important to your business or organization. You can manage listings for people that don’t want to do it themselves or just get the listing started and turn it over to the business owner to manage. Many hands make light work. Together we can accomplish more!

Free Directory Listings

LaLa Projects works to create collaborative opportunities for our clients. We do this by offering a human supported hosting solution, discounts on website plugins and software licenses, and by building other shared resources like LaLa Insights. Together, we can save money, support each other, and create thriving businesses and organizations.

All LaLa Website or Plugin clients get a free listing on LaLa Insights. Thank you for working with us – we appreciate you!

Our Future is Bright

We are full of ideas about how we can enhance this solution. Over time we will add more functionality and features to both the LaLa Insights Directory and WordPress Plugins.