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Purchase Theme

Get Started

Step 1

Purchase your Theme and Annual License from LaLa Projects.

Step 2

Download the to your computer.

Step 3

Login to your WordPress >> In the left-hand side menu, go to the Appearance menu >> Themes >> Click the ADD NEW button (located toward the top left corner of the page) >> Choose File from your computer >> Click INSTALL NOW >> Finish by clicking ACTIVATE.

Step 4

LaLa Theme 4 is dependent on the ACF PRO plugin. ACF PRO must be installed before the Theme 4 API License key can be entered into the WordPress settings.

Go to ACF to purchase the plugin. Once you purchase the plugin, install, activate, and add the ACF PRO license key to WordPress.

Step 5

Head over to your LaLa Theme 4 Settings page within WordPress and enter your theme API license key. The Setting page is located toward the bottom of the left-hand side menu within WordPress.

Step 6

Navigate to the Themes page and look for any available updates. Find the Themes page in the WordPress left-hand side menu >> Go to the Appearance menu >> Themes

After updating, the full version of the LaLa Theme 4 will be available to you.

Step 7

To get the full functionality out of the theme, we highly recommend that you add a few more plugins and software licenses:

Smart Slider

Activating the Smart Slider 3 plugin is a little different than most plugins. First, you install it as you normally would with a premium plugin. Then, in the left-hand side menu >> Go to the Smart Slider menu item >> Here you will find an ACTIVATE button >> Click it, and it will ask you to log in to your Smart Slider 3 account to validate your license.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms has a free version that can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin library. You will need both the free version and the paid version installed. Start by adding the free version. Then, install the paid version as you normally would with a premium plugin.

Font Awesome

Font awesome is a software license rather than a WordPress plugin. Once you purchase the license, you simply need to add the Font Awesome Kit ID number to WordPress. Do this by going to the left-hand side menu >> Go to the Options menu >> Settings >> Enter the Kit ID >> finish by clicking the UPDATE button.


If you have done everything that is recommended here, you will have a fully functional robust theme that is ready to roll!


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to assist you.