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LaLa Theme 4 now supports Jetpack Blocks. Jetpack is a plugin from the makers of WordPress. It offers both free and paid enhancements to WordPress. Learn more about Jetpack. One of the free enhancements included in the Jetpack plugin is a set of Gutenberg Blocks. Below you will find examples of some of their blocks.

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I am not sure how to trigger this to show?

This block will only appear to people who are visiting this page for the first time. OR set this block to only appear to people who have visited this page more than once.

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Distributed by Default: Matt Mullenweg on The Knowledge Project Distributed, with Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg joins Shane Parrish on The Knowledge Project podcast to talk about companies that are distributed from the beginning, and some of the benefits that means for its people. "Part of our model of distributed work also provides a fair amount of autonomy in how people get their work done," Matt said. "I like that it creates a lot more objectivity and focus around what the actual work is."More Subscribe to Distributed at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, RSS, or wherever you like to listen.
  1. Distributed by Default: Matt Mullenweg on The Knowledge Project
  2. Episode 27: Leading with Values: Sid Sijbrandij joins Matt Mullenweg to talk about GitLab, Transparency and Growing a Distributed Company
  3. Hiring For Distributed Companies & Angel Investing: This Week in Startups with Jason Calacanis
  4. Getting Legal Work Done in a Distributed Environment: Paul Sieminski with Chad Main on Technically Legal
  5. Growing as a Leader: Matt Mullenweg on the Starting Greatness Podcast with Mike Maples Jr.