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The Media & Text Block is very versatile and there are a ton of tweaky little settings that can be used to craft the page that you want. Here are a few tips and tricks.

Text Right, Image Left.

The text appears centered next to the image. The block is 50% Image and 50% Text by default.

Edit via the WordPress CMS

Move Image to the Right

Text Left, Image Right

You can move the image to the right side using the settings at the top of the WordPress Editor

Make the Image Smaller

Text Right, Image Left.

You can make the image smaller to take up less space in the block. Just use the blue dot located with the WordPress editor to drag the image into a smaller size.

Mobile Setting

It is important to check the “Stack On Mobile” toggle to ON. This will turn on the mobile responsiveness, this will make the image stack on top of the text so your page will look good on smaller devices.